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Glass and Plate Chillers

Cold foods and drinks should be served, well, you know, cold. It's a simple idea, right? Glass and plate chillers keep wares chilled so the goods, drinks or frozen treats stay colder longer much to the cool customer's satisfaction.

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What are some of the benefits of having a Commercial Glass and Plate Chiller?

Glass and Plate Chillers keep a variety of service ware chilled to perfection so that cold food and beverages stay that way longer. When you place chilled food on a warm plate it too gets warm, same goes for beverages. These units make it easy for your staff to access plates and cups that are at ideal temperatures for what they are serving.

What capacity is right for me?

The capacity needed is dependent on your business type and level of business. The higher your level of business, the bigger capacity recommended. Some chillers are specifically for glasses and mugs while others will hold both glasses and plates and both types vary in capacity.

Which is better for my establishment, stainless steel or vinyl coating?

Both are great choices. Stainless steel has a clean and rugged look and is less likely to be dinged or scratched. Vinyl coating is easy to clean, matches any decor, and under restaurant lighting is less likely to show dings and scratches as stainless steel would be. It is also less expensive than stainless steel.