A commercial range is a core piece of equipment that many restaurants cannot do without. Ranges are used to cook, grill, broil or perform many other cooking tasks that your kitchen requires. Various sizes and top configurations are available to suit a restaurant's specific needs. Most restaurants will need either a heavy-duty or standard-duty commercial range. Cafeterias, dining halls or large restaurants will want to go with a heavy-duty model because it is designed to keep up with the demands of a high-volume kitchen. Smaller restaurants should only need a standard, restaurant-style model.

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Should I use gas or electric?

The type of range, whether gas or electric, can many times depend on the installation process. When considering a gas range, it is important to keep in mind where your gas line connection is in regards to where you wish to position the range. The same idea can apply to electric appliances and outlet availability or, if needed, electrical outlet installation. The best method is to contact someone experienced in range installation to determine which connection will work best for your establishment.
Gas fueled ranges are all about speed. They heat up quicker than electric models and normally offer a higher maximum temperature. They are even cheaper to buy. But sometimes, electrical ranges are the only option due to city codes involving gas versus your location. A good general rule is, when you have the option to go with gas, gas is the better all-around choice.

What sizes are available?

We offer ranges from as small as 16" with 2 burners, to 72" with 12 burners. The standard sizes are 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72". Our salespeople are experts in helping choose which size is right for your business.

What kinds of configurations are there? What about bases?

For the cook top, ranges can have any combination of burners, griddles, hot tops, and charbroilers. Some specialty ranges even have a fryer as part of their cook tops. Bases can be any variety of standard ovens, cabinets, convection ovens and modular storage areas. Typically, ranges above 36" will offer 2 bases, with 60" and 72" being able to support 2 full-size ovens.