28'' Commercial Sandwich / Salad Prep Tables

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Keep all of your ingredients at hand in any compact space with a 28" commercial sandwich / salad prep table.

These compact commercial sandwich / salad prep tables are great for small sandwich shops, cafés, and kitchens. A 28" commercial sandwich / salad prep table can hold eight 1/6 size food pans for standard units, and twelve for mega top designs. Full length cutting boards provide room to assemble sandwiches or appetizers quickly. This allows staff to prep and assemble in one space, with additional refrigerated storage underneath. These units offer door or drawer storage for back-up product. Single section commercial sandwich / salad prep tables keep ingredients fresh, cold, and ready to be served. Don't forget to purchase any accessories you may need for creating your sandwiches and salads, like sandwich knives, portion servers, and plastic squeeze bottles. Commercial prep tables allow staff to store back up ingredients in either doors or drawer storage underneath the prep station. Burkett has 28” refrigerated prep rails from top brands like True Manufacturing, Turbo-Air, and SEAGATE Products.

Frequently Asked Questions About 28'' Commercial Sandwich / Salad Prep Tables

What's the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table?

Although they appear quite similar, sandwich prep tables and pizza prep tables differ significantly. To accommodate a pizza's size, pizza prep tables have larger cutting boards. Cutting boards with a depth of 8 to 10 inches are typically used with sandwich prep tables. Instead of a raised rail like on a pizza prep table, a commercial sandwich and salad prep table will have a recess in the pan rail.

What size pan fits in a commercial sandwich and salad prep table?

The most common size pan for a commercial sandwich and salad prep table will be a 1/6 size food pan. Typically the pan capacities are based on how many 1/6 size pans fit in the refrigerated rail. However, with the use of adapter bars, different sized pans can be held in a commercial sandwich prep table. Another common size used is 1/3 size food pans for larger holding capacity.

Will ingredients stay cold in the pans?

Sandwich and salad prep tables are designed to hold interior temperatures below 40°F, the required temperature for safe food storage. Air circulates around the top and bottom of pans to ensure ingredients do not exceed safe temperatures.

Are pans included?

This will vary for each product. Some prep tables include a full set of pans, while others do not. Refer to your spec sheet to determine if you will need to purchase food pans separately or not.

Other Refrigeration Options

There are a variety of larger prep rail options such as 36", 48", 60", or 72" sandwich and salad prep tables. If you are looking for something smaller, a countertop refrigerated prep rail is the perfect choice for your prep station. You can also find a variety of reach-in refrigeration, merchandiser refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, and undercounter refrigerators for your commercial kitchen.