72'' Commercial Sandwich / Salad Prep Tables

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A 72" commercial sandwich / salad prep table is perfect for large operations to keep all of their ingredients within arm's reach.

72" commercial sandwich / salad prep tables come in two and three-section variations. With the largest pan capacity of any prep table, these units are ideal for high-volume cafés, sandwich shops, and restaurants. If your menu offers a wide variety of topping selections, staff will love the convenience of being able to grab each ingredient without moving stations. Sandwich prep tables allow sandwiches, salads, and more to be built in an assembly line, instead of needing to grab ingredients from several different locations. The refrigerated rail of these commercial refrigerators ensures that fresh food items stay fresh and refrigerated properly throughout the day. Don't forget to get any accessories you might need to prepare your sandwiches and salads, like sandwich knives, portion servers, and plastic squeeze bottles. Staff can stock backup product in the included refrigerated storage space. With a 72" commercial salad prep table, your assembly process will operate quickly and smoothly to ensure high-quality food and short ticket times. Burkett has large prep tables from top manufacturers like True Manufacturing, Turbo-Air, and SEAGATE Products.

Frequently Asked Questions About 72" Commercial Sandwich / Salad Prep Tables

What's the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table?

Although it may not seem like there are many differences between sandwich prep tables and pizza prep tables, there are a few important ones to consider. On pizza prep tables, cutting boards are larger to accommodate a pizza's size. Cutting boards with a depth of 8 to 10 inches are standard on sandwich prep tables. Instead of a raised rail like on a pizza prep table, commercial sandwich and salad prep tables have a recess in the pan rail.

What size pan fits in a commercial sandwich and salad prep table?

A commercial sandwich and salad prep table will generally use food pans that are 1/6 size. The capacity is generally listed by how many 1/6 size pans can fit in the refrigerated rail. However, with the use of adapter bars, different sized pans can be held in a commercial sandwich prep table. Another common size used is 1/3 size food pans for larger holding capacity.

Will ingredients stay cold in the pans?

The interior of salad and sandwich prep tables is designed to maintain temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the limit for safe food storage. Pans' tops and bottoms are surrounded by air to keep food from warming to unsafe levels.

Are pans included?

The answer may differ depending on the product. A complete set of pans is included with certain prep tables, but not with others. To determine whether you need to purchase food pans separately or not, check your spec sheet.

Other Refrigeration Options

There are a variety of other size prep rail options such as 28", 36", 48", or 60" sandwich and salad prep tables. If you are looking for something smaller, a countertop refrigerated prep rail is the perfect choice for your prep station. You can also find a variety of reach-in refrigeration, merchandiser refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, and undercounter refrigerators for your commercial kitchen.