Electric Convection Steamers

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Whether you need to prepare a large order of pasta noodles or a side dish of broccoli, commercial electric steamers can get the job done right!

Because their heating elements are submerged in the water, electric convection ovens provide nearly complete heat transfer to foods. Convection steamers feature an internal fan that moves the steam around, which spreads the heat more evenly and cooks foods faster. They utilize steam heating to swiftly cook food, allowing your busy kitchen to increase food production with a single piece of equipment.

Restaurant steamers are not only great for steam cooking, but also rethermalizing precooked meals. The steam can help bring life back into yesterday's leftovers. Bain Marie heaters, kettle warmers, and other food warmers can also be used as rethermalizers.

Electric convection steamers can cook chicken, fish, vegetables and other delicious items in a healthy way. Electric models take up less energy than gas models, saving you money in the long term. Electric models will be quicker and easier to install, allowing you to quickly get started steaming. For a bit more power, check out gas convection steamers.

Countertop models are compact and easy to move around, or use in non-traditional kitchen areas. Commonly found in cafeterias, catering companies, and full service restaurants, steaming cooking equipment is also available in both steam kettles and tilting skillets as well. These kettles and skillets provide higher capacities and are usually preferred when cooking liquids.

At Burkett, we offer these products in a variety of styles and options, so you can choose the model that best suits the needs of your establishment.